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With a proper knowledge, cultural heritage, educational qualifications & a wide experience of Indian and Pakistan art & culture - we had decided to introduce and work in the field of Indian as well as Asian civilisation. Opening of such Shops like Bollywood fun etc. are like taking a small drop of water from tue huge Ocean of Eastern Culture. Because at the movement Indian Film Industry have the serious impact of its themes as well as presentation therefore we had decided to take our start from here. It is clear that this `Bollywood fun & Indien Food Traders` is only our starting point Not ending ( Target ). Laterly you will find out another things like knowledge about Indien language & live presentation of the great art & cultural work of Asia in europe and in Indian as an inter transaction cultural exchange programme.

In the beginning you can help us & our Projects by becoming a customer of our Shops.


Raits Import GmbH

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44809 Bochum


E-Mail: raits@gmx.de

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Monday - Friday: 11 - 17,00 Uhr
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Robertstr. Str. 70, 44809 Bochum

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